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Become A Member

Who Can Join?
Membership in our credit union is open to all persons who are employed in the medical or health care fields or are a Saint Alphonsus Health System employee.  Family members of any member can also join.

How to Become a Member
A membership fee of $1 and an initial deposit of $5 in a Regular Share Savings Account.  Once you are a member of Saint Alphonsus Medical Credit Union, your are always a member  -  even if you move away or change employment outside Saint Alphonsus Health Care System. 

Apply online and the membership fee is waived.  Click here to complete a membership application.

Our Credit Union is Member Owned
Members of Saint Alphonsus Medical Credit Union are actually co-owners of this full service co-operative financial institution.  Loan money comes from members' savings, and profits are divided and deposits back into members' accounts.  Advantages for members are low-interest loans, high-yield savings accounts and cost-effective financial services that will serve the needs of our members and their families.  The Board of Directors is comprised of elected volunteers from the members. 

All Funds are Insured!
This institution is privately insured by American Share Insurance.  Members deposits are insured up to a maximum of $250,000 per account.  This credit union is not federally insured and if this institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money.

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